Incognito brings privacy to Waltonchain’s WTC token

Incognito brings privacy to Waltonchain's WTC token

Today it was announced that Waltonchain’s WTC token is now available on Incognito pDEX, an anonymous decentralized exchange, and Incognito Wallet.

Waltonchain operates in the supply chain sphere, where traceability of stock and transparency are of the utmost importance. However, the inverse is true when it comes to cryptoassets – details of balances and information related to trades are better off hidden, which is where Incognito comes in.

Incognito offers WTC holders the option of a privacy version of their token, known as pWTC, so they can transact and store their assets privately. 

To obtain pWTC, users simply need to download the Incognito Wallet, available for both Android and iOS. Users can then deposit their WTC and exchange it for the aforementioned privacy version at a rate of 1:1; enabling them to store, send and receive tokens with privacy.

pWTC listed on the Incognito pDEX allows users to:

The first market for WTC is now live with Incognito’s native coin, Privacy (PRV). WTC/PRV liquidity is supplied by Incognito; and at the time of publishing, its pool size is 7,855.8411pWTC + 7,185.5291 PRV.

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