IOST and Klaytn Chrome extension DApp wallet Jetstream has launched

IOST and KLAY Chrome extension DApp wallet Jetstream has launched

Jetstream, a Chrome extension wallet that allows users to interact with web-based DApps on IOST and Klaytn, as well as make token transfers is now live.

The wallet features multichain support, NFT support, DApp signing, free delegation service, IRC20, KCT (Klaytn-compatible token) support, easy onboarding, and wallet creation. Currently, Jetstream is also supporting four languages. (English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese).

Through the Google Oauth2 service, Jetstream also offers users the option to double-encrypt their passwords and optionally store them in their Google Cloud.

Besides native coins, IOST and KLAY, currently supported tokens include:

Fee delegation service is provided by Jetstream that pays the transaction fee for the user. Currently, the app is rendering this service for the Klaytn blockchain.

Users can sign transactions through Jetstream, which enables them to access a blockchain-based service, DApp.
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