skalex now offers lightweight cryptocurrency exchange solution

skalex now offers lightweight cryptocurrency exchange solution

skalex, a provider of bitcoin and crypto exchange software solutions, announced today the launch of the skalex lightweight client – an exchange solution that brings less overhead, fewer expenses, and a condensed timeline to launch an exchange. The lightweight client is an out-of-the-box cryptocurrency exchange. Users have full customization abilities over the look and feel of the exchange.

On the backend, the platform automatically connects with a skalex liquidity node operator to facilitate trades. The liquidity node operators provide users with licensing, AML/KYC guidance, customer support, and any fiat payment processing that may be needed. Additionally, skalex handles technical support and continually improves the platform through feature implementations and functionality enhancements.

As a lightweight client operator, users work with skalex and liquidity node operators to create a custom exchange experience

In return for bringing traders to the skalex platform, operators participate in a revenue share scheme with skalex and the liquidity node operator. While the split varies from partnership to partnership, users can expect to receive 30 to 50 percent of the fees from each trade. The solution includes a near-instant set-up and a low monthly fee (just 500 euros per month).

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