Blockchain sportsbook Wagerr enables token exchange with InstaSwap

Blockchain sportsbook Waggerr enables token exchange with InstaSwap

Wagerr, the world’s first blockchain-powered sportsbook, has announced a partnership with InstaSwap, a privacy-focused exchange platform. WGR, the native token of the sportsbook is now listed on InstaSwap, giving users the ability to convert their favorite cryptocurrency to WGR.

InstaSwap also offers fiat-to-crypto exchange services, making the purchase of WGR simple and cost-effective with a debit or credit card.

“Wagerr is focused on providing its users the best betting experience possible, from complete anonymity to the world’s sharpest odds. Now, with InstaSwap, new users have a simple way to get WGR and start betting.”
– Wagerr Founder, David Mah

How to buy WGR with Crypto

  1. Visit
  2. Select the currency you wish to swap for WGR and then the amount you want to spend. InstaSwap will calculate the amount of WGR you will receive. Then click “Swap Now”.
  3. Paste your Wagerr address. This can be found by clicking on the “Receive” button on any Wagerr desktop or mobile app. If you are paying with BTC, paste a BTC receiving address that you control. That’s where InstaSwap will send the refund in case there’s a problem with the transaction. Provide your email address if you wish as information about the swap will be emailed to you, then click “Start Swap.”
  4. You will then need to send the required amount to the address provided by InstaSwap. Be sure to double-check that you have entered the amount exactly and copied the address correctly. The terms of the swap offer will remain valid for one hour.

To ensure a successful and timely swap, you should always send BTC from a wallet you control, with a priority level network fee so as to avoid any issues that may require a refund.

Wait for the WGR purchased to show up in your Wagerr wallet. It can take 30 minutes or longer for the swap to complete, depending on Bitcoin network conditions at the time and the transaction fee used.

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