GENERAL BYTES latest bitcoin ATM model BATMFour released

The BATMFour retails between $6499 and $10608 depending on the configuration selected and is available as of now...

GENERAL BYTES, a leading bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer, has announced the BATMFour. This is the latest addition to the company’s popular range of BATM cryptocurrency ATMs.

The new model features, a large, vertically mounted 23” touch screen, neon bezel, customizable acceptor capacity, and support for over 50 cryptocurrencies in an all-new form factor.

BATMFour comes in a new, modern form factor and designed to be customizable so ATM operators don’t have pay for features they have no intention of using. In addition, the BATMFour comes with new features and configuration options. Features include:

Operators configure their ATM by connecting to the GENERAL BYTES server software called CAS. Furthermore, BATMFour’s new, modern design will make it easier to find ATM host locations.

“The brand new BATMFour incorporates feedback from our customers and their requirements. The beautiful and sleek design saves space and is an attractive focal point for any location. It is designed to be self-standing and can be mounted to the floor for extra security. The BATMFour is the ideal choice for your Bitcoin, cryptocurrency or blockchain-token project. The platform contains our most innovative features.”

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