Lightning Network based cross-chain platform Stakenet launches DEX API

Stakenet is combining Lightning Network and masternodes into a global blockchain for decentralized applications; XSN is the cryptocurrency powering the network...

Lightning Network enabled cross-chain platform Stakenet launches DEX API

Stakenet, a blockchain ecosystem combining the Lightning Network and masternodes into a flexible DApp network, has announced the release of its DEX API. Using the public repo, developers will have all the tools to set up automated systems from trading bots, market makers, arbitrage bots and more.

Having a sound and reliable API is an important step for the DEX. It will allow for a strong developer/trading community and further collaboration with strategic partners.

Light Wallet Progress

X9, the core Stakenet development team, also informed it has released V92 of its light wallet; an integral part of the network. The new version implements TradingView (w/ full-featured toolkit), stabilization of lightning channels, checks avoiding swap failures, UX improvements and more.

“As we approach launch, X9 is preparing a pitch deck to allow for onboarding of institutional investors and VC’s. Allowing for private equity investment into the project will help attract a dynamic range of partners, investors, and collaborators that may have otherwise been difficult to reach. We are working with a premier law firm that has extensive experience with international clients, and large scale VC investment. If you know of any parties who might be a good fit for this, join our community/discord and let us know.”
– The Stakenet Team

XSN, Stakenet’s native asset is able to interact with other blockchains, opening an infinite range of opportunities. Its cross-chain Proof of Stake technology allows users to stake XSN and earn rewards in Bitcoin. No intermediates required or risks involved. XSN is one of the first coins to perform Lightning Network cross-chain atomic swaps.

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