Open crypto liquidity network Alekmi integrates Chainlink

Both Alkemi and Chainlink are built on Ethereum making integration quite simple. Looking ahead, both companies aim to eventually become blockchain agnostic in an effort to foster wider adoption and interoperability...

Open crypto liquidity network Alekmi integrates Chainlink

Alkemi, a professional open liquidity network for cryptocurrency, announced today it has integrated with Chainlink to leverage its network of decentralized oracles. Chainlink’s protocol is facilitating trusted marketplaces for obtaining quality oracles, which is quickly becoming the de-facto standard in the Oracle-as-a-Service category. By utilizing Chainlink, Alkemi will benefit from a highly precise and reliable stream of crypto-asset price data, positioning the company well as an open-prime broker that meets the stringent requirements of institutional capital allocators.


Blockchain-based smart contracts allow for a myriad of new applications and with it, new technical challenges in bridging these smart contracts with real-world data that is external to the blockchain. Oracles solve this problem by allowing smart contracts to fetch inputs from outside the blockchain (via external data feeds and APIs) and sign claims about the state of the world — effectively making smart contracts externally aware.

This, however, introduces an element of trust, and as an open network, Alkemi cannot rely on off-chain price information from a single source of truth. Chainlink, operating as a fully decentralized network, decreases the likeliness of false or inaccurate data reporting while simultaneously preventing network downtime by aggregating data responses from multiple oracles that query a variety of data sources.

As articulated in Chainlink’s whitepaper, “this limits the need for trust in any single party and allows the tamperproof quality valued in smart contracts to be extended to the end-to-end operation between smart contracts and the APIs they rely on.”

Features of Chainlink integration with Alkemi:

First Use-Case

Alkemi has initially integrated Chainlink for the lock-and-release mechanism contained within its user-generated smart contract token reserves (wallets). The user (liquidity provider) can specify the time duration for their assets to be locked into these token reserves.

In addition, they can specify a price threshold, which once breached, causes the assets to become unlocked and available for withdrawal ahead of the time expiry lock.

An oracle price feed is needed in order to determine if the price condition is met for funds to be unlocked. Chainlink provides Alkemi with a way to securely fetch off-chain data via its network of decentralized oracles without the need to run its own.

Alkemi facilitates open access to liquidity and streamlines settlement for customers (e.g. asset managers, market makers) and partners (exchange venues and 3rd-party providers), solving the problem of digital asset market inefficiency. Alkemi counts Outlier Ventures, Xpring (Ripple), Coven.VC (ConsenSys), 100x Advisors, Techstars and ARC Fund, as its backers to-date.
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