GuildChat now supports bitcoin (BTC) through its multi-chain wallet

The first version of GuildChat was launched in October 2018, featuring: messaging services, coin drops, built-in wallet, and DApp browser...

GuildChat now supports bitcoin (BTC) through its multi-chain wallet

GuildChat, a mobile app that allows users to manage, transfer, and gift cryptocurrency to each other, announced today that it has added support for bitcoin (BTC).

The app features both individual and group chat functionalities similar to Telegram, while also implementing both hot and cold wallets for multiple blockchains. Users may send cryptocurrencies to one another in chat messages without needing to enter the receiver’s blockchain address.

Multi-dimensional, GuildChat also enables users to interact with decentralized applications (DApps) including exchanges and games. GuildChat is currently one of the most popular applications for playing TRON-based games on mobile.

Blockchain developer BitGuild is the creator of GuildChat, the company has also developed GuildWallet, a user-friendly browser extension wallet, and is behind TronTrade, a popular decentralized exchange.

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