DAO for blockchain storage protocol Arweave is now live

DAO for blockchain storage and DApp protocol Arweave is now live

The community and core team of Arweave, creators of a decentralized data storage protocol, announced today the live launch of ARCA, a community-governed DAO that will develop and expand the Arweave ecosystem, project, and network.

ARCA DAO is now live on Ethereum mainnet, with a membership made up of long term miners, developers, and backers involved in the Arweave community. ARCA will operate independently to coordinate, plan, and allocate funding to projects and initiatives.

Arweave’s protocol is a new blockchain-like data structure called the blockweave. The protocol is designed to provide scalable and permanent on-chain data storage in a sustainable manner. The blockweave forms the underlying data structure of the permaweb – the array of data, websites, and decentralized applications hosted on the blockweave, accessible on normal web browsers.


DAOs, Decentralized Autonomous Organisations, are emerging as a new tool for social coordination. They are a new way of making decisions, allocating resources and striving for optimal outcomes in a transparent and verifiable manner. They are programmable organizations. They are ownerless power structures. They are decentralized power with distributed decisions, and they are here now.


The Arweave Community Fund A (ARCA) was announced in December as the first initiative to decentralize adoption and ecosystem improvement efforts among the wider community. To start the initiative, the core Arweave team has donated $25,000 in DAI to the ARCA DAO to spend as they see fit. If the DAO proves successful, it can receive follow on funding.

“The Arweave project, from the start, has been about community ownership and decentralization — providing decentralized web hosting, open source code & open source dApps, user driven content moderation, & encouraging open engagement. Up until now, the responsibility for driving adoption and organizing ecosystem improvements have been left mostly in the hands of the core Arweave team.”
– The Arweave Team

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