CasinoCoin releases unified KYC-ready ‘Bankroll Manager’ wallet app

CasinoCoin releases unified KYC-ready 'Bankroll Manager' wallet app

CasinoCoin, a blockchain-powered gaming ecosystem designed with users, operators, and regulators in mind, has announced the release of its new CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager application.

The app includes built-in KYC and responsible gaming functionality, that allows users to manage their assets across all CasinoCoin operates in one wallet.

Features include near-instant deposits and withdrawals, a typical transfer only takes 3-5 seconds to be confirmed and recorded on the blockchain. Moreover, users will have the option to set hourly, daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits for each partner operator site.

Once regulation permits, users will eventually be able to exchange CSC tokens to fiat currencies. Upon launch, access to multiple exchanges will be provided with real-time exchange information.

“We’ve partnered up with a licensed KYC (Know Your Customer) provider to seamlessly handle all requests between users, operators, and the CasinoCoin blockchain. Additional AML insights will be available for regulators and law enforcement. With a single point of KYC, users will be able to access multiple operator sites, without having to register on each site individually.”
– The CasinoCoin Team

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