CoinField seeks to develop crypto exchange franchises in 15 countries

European crypto exchange company CoinField, announced today it is launching a global franchise network. In the new franchise model, CoinField will provide business partners with access to its fully regulated and licensed fiat-to-crypto exchange based in the EU.

Franchise partners will have access to a fast and secure digital cryptocurrency trading platform, which offers an extensive portfolio of coins (200+ digital assets).

A franchisee will be able to utilize CoinField’s existing network of business partners, such as banks and payment providers. CoinField’s team will handle KYC, provide customer support, full tech and maintenance, and offer client confidentiality.

Franchise Network

Franchises will be available in 15 countries, including the United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.

Investors looking to purchase a franchise will have to obtain the necessary licenses required to operate a cryptocurrency exchange if their chosen country of operation needs one.

CoinField is seeking clients with a keen interest in investing in new business ventures. In return, they would receive 50% of revenue for the new users, as well as 30% of income to existing users in their region.

“Our strategy is to build a strong local presence in every country that we offer service, therefore, partnering up with the legitimate and qualified crypto and blockchain ventures in those countries makes absolute sense to us. These partners will focus on implementing our local marketing plans, such as events, seminars, TV, and commercials, while our team will handle the full operation from A to Z. It’s an appealing business model that creates a unique franchise opportunity.”
– Bob Ras, CEO of CoinField

Ideal franchisee candidates must adhere to the marketing plan outlined by CoinField in all regions to cultivate and maximize influence in their local community while driving the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide. They will also be required to coordinate and promote CoinField through local events, seminars, and advertising, such as TV and radio.

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