pNetwork cross-chain platform adds bitcoin (pBTC) to testnet

Eventually, pTokens aims to connect any crypto asset with any blockchain, not just Ethereum...

pTokens, a cross-chain token platform, announced today it has linked Bitcoin to the Ethereum blockchain, with pBTC now added to its testnet. This follows EOS (pEOS), which was the first token available on the testnet launched last month.

pBTC is an ERC-20 token representation of bitcoin. It is pegged 1:1 so its value is intrinsically linked to that of bitcoin. Holders will be able to lock their BTC and instantly mint new pBTC, maintain their stake in bitcoin, while also making their coins completely useable in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Provable pTokens identify a token that is provable, portable, and pegged. A Provable pToken is an Ethereum ERC-20 token pegged one-to-one to a non-ethereum based cryptocurrency via a TEE oracle.

pTokens dApp showing successful issuance of pBTC

“pBTC presents a new paradigm; it makes bitcoin (BTC) compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, which currently has the most advanced DeFi industry. This invites Bitcoin users to explore the 100s of Ethereum DApps, platforms and tools available today. You can try out pBTC for yourself using our custom-made DApp.”
– The pTokens Team

pTokens (such as pEOS, pBTC, and many others) are:

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