Fabrx completes protocol-level triggers and events platform for Tezos blockchain

Fabrx completes protocol-tevel triggers and events platform for Tezos blockchain

Fabrx, a web3 and blockchain middleware platform, announced today it has completed the development of Tezos’ protocol-level triggers and events platform for both on-chain and off-chain events.

This is an update to September 2019’s release that announced Fabrx’s participation in the current cohort of ecosystem grants hosted by the Tezos Foundation.

The “If Tezos” platform operates similarly to the Zapier automation platform and includes a point-and-click interface, automated API methods, and triggered, cloud-based functions. The platform will accelerate the adoption of Tezos by simplifying development and by equipping the community with necessary API triggers including; smart contract events, wallet actions, and market activity.

API triggers currently included in the interface are Baking Events, Wallet Events, Market Events, Governance Events, and Contract Events.

The platform is built specifically for Tezos developers. However, the point-and-click solution is available to all end-users, including: delegators, bakers, traders, and holders. These enhanced tools, triggers, and events enable new projects to integrate Tezos functionality with minimal code. The goal is to increase engagement amongst holders, traders, and stakers within the ecosystem.

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