BABB crypto banking app to launch working beta on Feb 12

On February 12th, the BABB (Bank Account Based Blockchain) team, will be hosting friends from across the ecosystem at Level39 in London for a launch party...

BABB crypto banking app to launch working beta on Feb 12

BABB, a crypto banking app for managing tokens and fundraising, announced its working beta will launch on February 12th, 2020.

The BABB team entered “dark mode” at the end of 2019 shutting down external communication. This was done in order to focus deeply on getting the platform ready for beta tests and live usage.

With the BABB platform, users are not only able to manage their assets; but fundraise for, and donate to, personal and public causes all over the world. The BABB app aims to ensure more donations get directly to the causes that users want to support – with less lost to hidden operational and FX/banking fees.

“What an incredible few months it has been here at BABB HQ. From Operations to Tech, Finance to Marketing, we have been setting aggressive and ambitious targets; knocking them down day-after-day. It feels like nothing can stop the momentum we have. Over the last few weeks, the BABB Beta has been in the capable hands of several technical partners, going through extensive security and user acceptance testing (UAT). The BABB Platform bypasses legacy infrastructure and 3rd parties, significantly reducing friction and the cost of sending assets between traditional banking networks; domestically or overseas. We are a company that believes in using technology for good and redistribute wealth to where it is needed most”
– The BABB Team

If interested in the BABB beta, the waiting list is now open to a limited number of users who will be given exclusive early access.

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