Trezor Model T crypto hardware wallet now supported on Monero client

“Trezor is integrated in Monero client and not vice versa to preserve all its advantages and privacy features.” — Dušan Klinec

Trezor Model T crypto hardware wallet now supported on Monero client

The Monero GUI wallet provides a clean user interface, and is adaptable to all kinds of users. It is especially recommended for less technical people who want to quickly send and receive XMR.

Satoshi Labs, creators of the Trezor cryptocurrency hardware wallet platform, announced that it is now integrated and fully functional with both the official Monero GUI and CLI wallets.

The main goal of integration was to protect the functionality of all Monero features, especially Monero’s advanced cryptography elements, and privacy features.

For those interested, the latest Monero client release is available for download. Along with this integration, Trezor has made it possible to use Monero (XMR) to buy a Trezor directly from the Trezor Shop.

“Last year Monero celebrated its 5th birthday, and it is clear that it has found its community and continues to thrive. Monero has a vision of creating the first fully fungible cryptocurrency providing absolute privacy to every user. We want the Monero community to continue to grow and improve, and Trezor integration makes it easier than ever before for newcomers to enjoy all the perks XMR offers.”
– The Satoshi Labs Team

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