Status introduces beta version of web3 crowdfunding tool Assemble

Assemble’s mission is “to bring web3 projects to life”

Status introduces beta version of web3 crowdfunding tool Assemble

Status, an open set of projects building peer-to-peer technologies powered by blockchain, has introduced the beta version of Assemble, a decentralized crowdfunding platform aimed at supporting web3 projects.

Completely open source, Assemble connects a growing community of project creators with funders from around the world. The platform consists of:

“To stay in line with the vision of web3 – we need to find more open, fair, and safe ways to crowdfund the projects we are most passionate about. We cannot rely solely on grants programs to power web3 into fruition. We need a means of enabling everyday people to contribute what they can, to projects they need, in a reliable and secure way. Assemble enables crowdfunding for projects of all shapes and sizes to kickstart their work in a truly decentralized manner.”
– The Status Team


How It Works

On Assemble, project set-up is simple. Creators choose the token they want to receive funding in and can add relevant project details, media, and set a funding goal which gets stored via IPFS.

Moreover, funding a project is also simple and only requires an ethereum wallet and tokens to pledge.

Funders can choose to support projects in the tokens of their choosing. Tokens are swapped via Kyber Network into the token the creator selected during the proposal set up. Project creators can withdraw funds from their campaign at any time.

Status Network Funds

Initially, the Status Network team will be the first to use Assemble to fund projects that contribute to its overall mission of creating sovereign and open communities.

$50,000 has been reserved to support infrastructure projects, tools, products, DApps, and community groups. Currently, donation amounts will be capped at $1,000 per recipient while Assemble is still in beta.

Those interested can check out the initial project proposals already listed on Assemble.

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