Cross-chain CDP platform Kava allocates $1.1M for Q1 grants

Cross-chain CDP platform Kava allocates $1.1M for Q1 grants program

Kava Labs, the core developer of collateralized crypto loan and stablecoin platform Kava, announced this week that $1,158,500 has been allocated to its grants program for Q1 2020. Built on the Cosmos SDK, Kava’s mainnet launched back in November 2019.

The grants will provide funding for: research & education, software development, and community initiatives. Kava Labs plans to regularly put out Requests for Proposals (RFP) in each of these categories. Moreover, there will be an open-ended application for any proposals that do not fit in these categories.

Funding Types

Grants come in the following models:

Service Agreements

Service agreements are used to fund well-defined short-term projects. They are the ideal route for product development and engineering-focused projects that align with Kava’s goals.

Companies that engage in service agreements will be vendors/consultants of Kava. The duration for service agreements will typically last 3 months with funding dispersed as services are rendered.

Direct Grants

Grant awards are investments in people, companies, and projects that will positively impact the vision of Kava. Typically grants are ideal for research and development, infrastructure projects, and other not-for-profit initiatives that will benefit the whole Kava ecosystem.

Various important research, development, and community programs will require grant funding in advance of work done. In regards to direct grants, an in-depth application and proposal are required for these projects. The review process will be more meticulous considering various risk factors and to ensure goals and milestones are clearly defined prior to funding.


Investments are specifically for businesses that help advance the growth of the Kava platform. In return, the company will allocate its equity or tokens.

“As a core developer of Kava, we believe Kava Labs’ primary role is to facilitate the development of the platform and allocate resources into entities, projects, and initiatives that will help accelerate Kava’s adoption and encourage its long-term sustainability. Kava Grants will be one of the primary tools going forward to support key contributors to Kava’s mission.”
– The Kava Labs Team

Those interested can email or visit the Kava grant application.

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