REMChain mainnet now live bringing next-gen PKI to enterprises

REMChain brings a suite of powerful PKI solutions to enterprises for the first-time...

REMChain mainnet now live bringing next-gen PKI to enterprises

REMChain, a public blockchain providing redundant decentralized storage for public keys has now gone live to mainnet. The REMChain ecosystem replaces conventional public key infrastructure (PKI) with a decentralized network of trust.

Mainnet is built on top of Remme’s Protocol, an open-source solution that secures online communication among browsers, apps, and servers. Protocol is the foundational layer to create decentralized IDs and manage digital keys. Fueled by REM token, REMChain provides redundant storage for the public keys organized under individual accounts.

The use cases span a range of verticals, segments, and industries including user and smart device authentication, digital key management, domain validation, email security, SSH key management, code signing, and others.

“Reaching this monumental milestone is the culmination of a long journey fraught with challenges but also rich in rewards. Almost two years ago we set out with the vision to build Auth, an application for passwordless authentication. Along the way, we came to define a clear vision for developing a 360-degree Identity Management platform to create, store and manage human and machine identities. The foundational layer of the platform is Remme Protocol, a next-gen PKI layer for creating and managing decentralized IDs and their digital keys.”
– The REMChain Team

Next-Gen PKI

The evolving needs of enterprises, increased connectivity, and enhanced capabilities of attackers highlight multiple challenges that traditional PKI is facing. Specific shortcomings include: implicit trust in a single entity, difficulties to implement and scale, inability to support new or change legacy apps, and time-consuming key and certificate management.

Network Development

Users can now design unique REM-powered DApps on top of the next-gen Remme Protocol. In the near term, the Remme team will be looking to achieve greater network utilization and decentralization. This starts with expanding the division of REMChain Block Producers, and delivering the software components that enable DApp developers building on top of REMChain.

No need to operate a node or own hardware. Stake, vote and claim rewards via the REMChain block explorer website
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