SingularityNET H1 2020 roadmap aims to increase 3rd-party AI development

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SingularityNET H1 2020 roadmap aims to increase 3rd-party AI development

SingularityNET, a decentralized AI marketplace powered by blockchain, announced today an updated roadmap for the SingularityNET platform Beta development for the first half of 2020. The roadmap includes a series of important steps oriented toward making the platform easier to use for a variety of AI algorithms, models, product and service developers.

Going forward, SingularityNET aims to get material traction for the platform from third-party AI developers and users. All the work described in the roadmap will be open-sourced, available for viewing and community development on SingularityNET’s GitHub Repo.

“The SingularityNET Beta platform was released almost eleven months ago and since that initial public release, our team has been blessed with insatiable curiosity from the community regarding the next steps that will take us closer to a fully featured and mature decentralized AI marketplace capable of obsoleting the Big Tech oligopoly and fostering the emergence of beneficial general intelligence. To satisfy this curiosity at least partially, we give here a moderately detailed roadmap covering some of the more major improvements and extensions planned for the first half of 2020.”
– The SingularityNET Team

Recent Progress

H1 2020 Roadmap






The second half of the fiat-to-crypto gateway, enabling AI service providers to receive payments in fiat. Both AI service developers and AI service consumers will be able to interact with the platform using either fiat or AGI tokens depending on their taste — with AGI tokens used in both cases on the back end. The tokenomic mechanics of the gateway will be enabled by staked AGI tokens.

And More…

In addition to the above platform enhancements, which are aimed at easing the process of onboarding new AI developers and consumers to the marketplace, SingularityNET has a lot more planned for the first half of 2020 and beyond. Additional emerging developments for 2020 and ahead include:

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