Nickel Digital launches new bitcoin fund supported by Copper and Fidelity

Nickel Digital Gold Institutional Fund allows for secure, efficient, transparent and liquid access to bitcoin, the leading digital asset...

Nickel Digital launches new bitcoin fund supported by Copper and Fidelity

Nickel Digital Asset Management, a privately-owned London-based investment firm, today announced the launch of its second cryptocurrency offering, the Nickel Digital Gold Institutional fund.

The fund will be supported by a bespoke Walled Garden solution developed by digital assets prime brokerage, Copper. The infrastructure allows digital assets to be moved safely between and stored on several spot and derivative exchanges, providing best-execution while minimizing counterparty risks.

“We have been using Copper’s Walled Garden for over a year. For active traders like us, it is a critical tool for managing assets and transfers securely and efficiently across multiple trading venues, while ensuring the safety of investors’ capital. We look forward to managing the BTC in Digital Gold fund using Copper infrastructure in 2020 and beyond.”
Michael Hall, CIO of Nickel Asset Management

Walled Garden

Copper’s Walled Garden infrastructure is the foundation of its solution. It connects directly to exchanges using APIs and is designed to give customers additional security for digital asset trading.

Fund managers cannot move funds externally without air-gapped multi-signature cross-organization approval and other security measures. Copper is currently connected to over 96% of global crypto liquidity and is regularly integrating new exchanges.

“We’re thrilled to see Nickel go from strength to strength in the digital asset space. They have been key partners in developing Copper’s Walled Garden, and we’re very proud to see it implemented for their second fund.”
Dmitry Tokarev, Founder, and CEO of Copper

Digital assets will also be secured using long term cold storage provided by Fidelity Digital Assets, with Nickel becoming Fidelity’s first European partner fund in the digital assets space.

Nickel Digital Gold Institutional Fund

The Fund is designed to remove existing complexities and inefficiencies in BTC index-tracking products. Nickel provides daily subscriptions and redemptions, as well as trading at mid-market NAV.