11 French companies launch the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (ADAN)

Leaders of the French digital asset and blockchain industry today announced the formation of a new professional association, the Association pour le Développement des Actifs Numériques (ADAN).

11 founding members are behind ADAN; with the goal to help increase awareness and drive the adoption of blockchain technology in Europe. ADAN will consult with public authorities, industry leaders and private bodies to promote the use of digital assets. This includes exchange platforms, brokers, hardware, protocols, decentralized applications, and blockchain technology platforms.

Founding Members

Founding members include key players in the European blockchain space including: ARK, Blockchain Partner, Coinhouse, Coinhouse Custody Services, Consensys France, iExec, Kaiko, Ledger, Nomadic Labs, LGO and Woorton.

Simon Polrot, President of ADAN said:

“In the last few years, existing associations have given impetus to initiatives at the highest level of the State, which have enabled the creation of one of the most suitable legal frameworks in the world. I salute all the players who have contributed to it and I am very proud to have the opportunity, with ADAN, to professionalize these efforts and intensify them in France, of course, but also at the European level.”