Crypto/gold exchange Vaultoro adding OTC desk, silver, LTC, ETH

Crypto/gold exchange Vaultoro adding OTC desk, silver, LTC, ETH

Vaultoro, the first real-time bitcoin/gold exchange, has freshly published a Q1 2020 company roadmap. And the new year will bring many enhancements to the crypto commodities exchange. After a busy 2019 in which Vaultoro revamped their entire platform; for 2020, the team is focused on increasing liquidity.

Looking Ahead

“Like many companies building in the crypto space, 2019 was all about heads down and build epic stuff! It took us over a year and in November 2019, we launched the Beta foundation of an epic system that is easily scalable to millions of customers and many trading pairs, including physical metals and cryptocurrencies. We launched with Bitcoin, DASH and naturally Gold. After many requests for features, we wanted to lay out a basic road map for you all. We are focusing strongly on features that will bring more liquidity to our traders.”
– The Vaultoro Team

Coming to Vaultoro in Q1 2020

Litecoin and Ethereum Support

The next two cryptocurrencies Vaultoro will list are Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) + ERC-20 tokens.

Silver Trading

Vaultoro will be adding silver markets for Bitcoin (BTC), Dash (DASH), and Litecoin (LTC).

OTC Desk

With the addition of an OTC desk, a customer will be able to make a quick trade or a large volume order to buy and sell gold with a single click without moving the market.

Adding Negative Market Making Fees

By placing an offer on the order book at a price that another trader will take, users will not pay a fee but rather, get paid part of the fee that the other trader will pay. This promotes a full order book and more liquidity and allows for users that hate paying fees to earn them instead.

Full-API Trading

Vaultoro 1.0 had many traders and bots using the Vaultoro API to trade. A new and improved API will now allow clients to trade on Vaultoro using their preferred trading software. The release of a new API seeks to provide developers many new functionalities that will be announced soon.

New Affiliate Program

A newly launched affiliate program will allow members to earn income. Affiliates will receive half a gram of gold for each new member brought on-board after they trade $100. Members also receive 20% of the trading fees from their signed-up users. Moreover, if a referred user further recommends a customer, the affiliate will receive 5% of their trading fees as well.

Return of Vaultoro’s “Glass Books Protocol”

The transparency of the protocol allows anyone to easily audit Vaultoro without them knowing and makes sure that the exchange is always at or above full-reserve. The “Glass Books Protocol” works as follows:

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