Stratis enters partnership with Triad to build enterprise blockchain apps

Leading digital solutions consultancy Triad to collaborate with Microsoft-based blockchain platform Stratis...

Stratis enters partnership with Triad to build enterprise blockchain apps

Stratis, an enterprise blockchain technology company, announced today it has entered into a framework partnership with Triad, a UK provider of IT consultancy services and technology solutions, to deliver blockchain-based solutions to businesses and organizations.

Under the partnership, Stratis will help identify where blockchain is best-placed to resolve Triad’s clients’ business problems. The two companies will then collaborate to develop, deploy and market blockchain applications to help businesses improve operational processes, enhance security and reduce costs.

First Project

The first project between the two companies will be the development of a blockchain-based parcel tracking application. An existing parcel tracking blockchain application designed by Triad will be ported to the Stratis Platform to run using Stratis Smart Contracts.

By implementing smart contracts, businesses can automate the verification and execution of agreements between parties without the need for an intermediary.

“Our partnership with Triad is a game-changer when it comes to opening up Microsoft-based blockchain applications to businesses. By working together, we will make it easier than ever for companies to access the benefits of blockchain and build business-specific applications on a flexible, easy-to-use platform. In the first instance, this will mean porting an existing parcel tracking application designed by Triad to the Stratis Platform so that it can run our recently launched Stratis Smart Contracts. Beyond this, we look forward to a deep and fruitful relationship with Triad by collaborating whenever we see an opportunity for blockchain to add value to their clients.”
– Chris Trew, CEO of Stratis Group Ltd.

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