Elastos launches v1 of DApp browser platform on Android

elastOS offers powerful design elements and brings together the Elastos ecosystem into a single space for the first time...

The Elastos Foundation, the organization responsible for overseeing the development of the Elastos smart web network, recently announced the launch of elastOS v1.0.0, the official platform for browsing the Elastos ecosystem of dApps.

This is the first official release for Trinity, now renamed to elastOS

elastOS supports existing functions in the Elastos ecosystem, with a DPoS voting dApp and a blockchain explorer web application housed within a dApp. The platform also provides an integrated Wallet dApp as a core feature that is compatible with all aspects of the Elastos infrastructure.

The Wallet allows users to send and receive payments through the ELA main chain, DID (Digital ID) Sidechain, and allows third-party applications to easily integrate with and request authorization for payments. elastOS also contains demos for both Elastos Carrier and the DID Sidechain to inform users about key features and to allow developers to use these technologies to build their own decentralized applications.

“With this product launch, Elastos becomes the first blockchain project to deliver a fully integrated runtime ecosystem that creates a single place for managing tokens, creating and managing W3C-compliant decentralized identities, running Ethereum based smart contracts and transporting network data in a decentralized way, all in one native application designed for dApps.”
– The Elastos Team

In order to prepare for future development, elastOS comes with a dApp store application, dApp store server, a QR Code dApp, and developer-friendly tools that allow third-party developers to create, debug, sign, and publish dApps directly onto elastOS.

Development and modification of elastOS will be an ongoing project, as the Elastos Foundation works to expand current functions, augment new features, and add support for new dApps and other technologies.

elastOS is currently only available to download on Android with development for iOS still in progress.