ARK blockchain launches plugin manager for its desktop wallet

The ARK Desktop Wallet is used to store ARK tokens, to vote for delegates and to send transactions...

ARK blockchain launches plugin manager for its desktop wallet

ARK, a provider of open-source blockchain technology solutions, announced today the launch of a new Plugin Manager for the ARK Desktop Wallet. With Plugin Manager, users will now be able to browse, find and install plugins direct to their wallet in just a few clicks.

Plugin Manager allows for easier access to all the plugins within the ARK ecosystem; including themes, tools, exchanges, games and more. Developers will be able to get their plugins white-listed and added to the Plugin Manager to help facilitate discovery by the ARK community.

Access Plugin Manager by downloading the latest version of the ARK Desktop Wallet v2.7.0.

Design Your Own Theme Plugin Competition

To mark the Plugin Manager release, ARK has launched a “Design a Theme Plugin” competition. Up to $500 USD worth of prizes will be awarded to the top 3 themes:

The “Design a Theme Plugin” competition closes on January 30th, 2020. All themes created after the cut-off date will not be counted as entries into the competition. Winners will be selected by ARK Delegates via a poll in the Delegate Slack channel and will be announced in February.

If you are interested in entering the competition, create a theme using this tutorial. Users can submit their completed theme by sending an email to (subject: Theme Competition). Include a Github repo link and the package name from NPM for the plugin. ARK will then follow up to verify the submission.

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