8bit offering free DOGE faucet with a chance to win $1000

8bit is offering users a FREE DOGE faucet (https://8bit.ltd/a/faucet) in Telegram. You can connect to it by following this link https://t.me/PSEofficialBOT?start

This faucet offers FREE DOGE accruals every day with accumulative bonuses for continuous claiming. Everyone can connect to the faucet and start accumulating increasing bonuses.

In addition to standard daily DOGE accruals, each user has a chance to win a daily random bonus from 10 to 250 DOGE and once a month he can win in a raffle and win from 50 to 2500 DOGE simply by claiming free DOGE every day.

More DOGE is given for bringing new referrals to the faucet and when these folks are getting a level up for claiming DOGE.

There are two types of accruals: small for regular users (called here Basic) and large for those who made a deposit (called here Advanced).

Mini Games in Telegram

Besides DOGE claiming users can spend and even win more DOGE by playing games in 8bit Telegram bot.

8bit constantly develops its bot functionality

Curently there are 4 games available where users can bet their DOGE and win large prizes.

These games are:

Lucky 33, Dice Roll 99, Ro Sham Bo and Instant Lotto. The rules are quite simple and all instructions are pretty clear.

Daily Bonus section of the bot also has a New Year’s game called Snowball Battle where users can throw snowballs at each other and wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Upcoming King of the Hill contest

Recently 8bit started a marathon of special promos in Telegram called New Year’s Extravaganza. Another event in this marathon is King of the Hill contest for leaders of referral structures. Those users whose referrals have claimed most DOGEs will take part in our King of the Hill contest.

Here’s the official press release from 8bit website:

Each DOGE claimed by your referrals counts as 1 point for this contest. The more DOGE they claim during the contest, the more points you get and the higher becomes your position in global ranking.

Top 100 users with a maximal number of DOGEs claimed by their referrals will place in winners’ ranking. One hundred winners will receive prizes according to their position in Top-100 ranking. The total prize fund is $3500 and will be distributed in DOGE according to its exchange rate at the end of the contest.

Want to get into Top-100 ranking? You can do it:

Just bring more new referrals to our 8bit Telegram bot and Motivate your referrals to keep claiming FREE DOGE from our faucet every day!

The King of the Hill contest will take place from 1 till 15 January. On January 15th, 12:00 (server time) the scoring will be over and the contest results will be published at the promo page.

How to become a King of the Hill?

Suppose you have 10 referrals who claim FREE DOGE in our 8bit Telegram faucet. And they claim about 125 DOGE per day which gives you 125 points. As they keep claiming DOGEs, within 15 days you keep rising to the top of the ranking. After accumulating as many points as you can, you can place in Top-100 ranking and win a prize.

However, you can speed up your ascension in a few ways:

1. first of all, motivate your referrals not to skip any days and claim DOGEs every day
2. motivate them to make deposits, thus they will become Advanced users and
a. will be able to receive significantly more free DOGEs
b. they themselves can participate in the King of the Hill and bring more their referrals
3. bring new referrals to the 8bit Telegram bot and show them 8bit faucet for claiming FREE DOGE.

Participate in the contest now! Add 8bit bot https://t.me/PSEofficialBOT?start to your Telegram

By the way, 8bit Ltd. also has a set of investment packages with total profitability up to 366% and offers a hefty 24% referral commission.

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