Crypto wallet TokenPoket adds bitcoin cloud mining support with Rockminer

Users of TokenPoket will be able to select Rockminer within the DApp store for built-in bitcoin (BTC) cloud mining...

The team of decentralized crypto wallet app TokenPoket, announced today a new partnership with Rockminer to allow for bitoin (BTC) cloud mining.

Partnership with Rockminer comes after TokenPoket added support for BTC to the wallet last month.

Established in 2013, Rockminer has built a reputation for being an honest and proficient cryptocurrency mining operator. The China-based platform caters to both enterprise and retail investors.

With TokenPocket, private keys are stored on users’ devices and will never upload to the server. Wallet users can store, exchange, send and receive cryptocurrencies without leaving the wallet.

TokenPocket currently supports EOS, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), TRON, IOST, BOS Binance, Cosmos, MOAC, Jingtum chains and more than 2200+ DApps with the built-in browser.

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