Everex blockchain-powered money transfer app launches for the UK

Everex is a blockchain financial technology company that facilitates the application of stablecoins for peer-to-peer money transfers, merchant payment settlements and fiat to digital asset exchange...

Everex blockchain-powered money transfer app launches for the UK

Everex, a blockchain-powered payment network and wallet application, announced today it has launched its services for the United Kingdom. British users with bank accounts in the UK, can now:

With the Everex app, users can convert their GBP free of charge to the GBP-based GBC token, and proceed to make transfers. The Everex service can be used for payments to and from the UK and supports other fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, and THB.

“This is undoubtedly a significant development given the number of British users living abroad, with around 55,000 currently based in Thailand and another 1.3M in the United States. And it’s on top of the 71M trips around the world in 2018 made by business executives, expats, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, travelers, digital nomads, and students from Great Britain. Many of them are permanently based outside the UK and require fast and convenient ways of accessing their cash in order to obtain other fiat currencies.”
– The Everex Team

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