CLC Group announces winners of $12,000 Honeycomb Smart Contract Hackathon

CLC Group, a blockchain lab focused on developing real-world connected smart contract solutions along with partners Chainlink, World Weather Online, and Tatum Blockchain API, just concluded a 3-week long hackathon with $12,000 in prizes up for grabs. The hackathon winners have now been announced and are listed below.

The Honeycomb Smart Contract Hackathon was a global virtual event focused on connecting the world of smart contracts and decentralized applications to real-world data from some of the world’s premier data providers, provided by Honeycomb, CLC Group’s API marketplace purpose-built for connecting smart contracts.

“From 16 submissions provided by over 90 individual developers, we are happy to announce the winners of the hackathon. From the whole Honeycomb team, we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who took part in the event, our great sponsors, data provider partners, node operators, and judges. With your help and participation, we’re happy to say that the event was a great success. Thank you for pushing the boundaries of smart contract applications and building solutions that bring the future of this great technology one step closer.”
– The CLC Group Team

Winners of the Honeycomb Smart Contract Hackathon

Chainlink Judge’s Choices (3 x $1k in LINK)

World Weather Online Challenge

World Weather Online is dedicated to providing global weather forecast and weather content for websites, businesses and the travel industry.

Best Use of Tatum Blockchain API (6-month Developer Plan worth $954)

Tatum Blockchain API provides software developers access to advanced blockchain infrastructure. Users can build apps with blockchains and digital assets support in no time.


Honeycomb acts as a marketplace of authenticated APIs available on the Chainlink network. The goal is to reduce the amount of time smart contract developers spend searching for viable data sources, and increase the amount of time they can spend actually building smart contracts.