Revenue-sharing DAO Stake Capital added as a validator on Trust Wallet

Revenue-sharing DAO Stake Capital added as a validator on Trust Wallet

Stake Capital, a revenue-sharing DAO that distributes value generated by a basket of DeFi services to stakeholders, today announced a new partnership with TrustWallet, a secure cryptocurrency wallet with thousands of users.

TrustWallet and Stake Capital are combining their technologies, enabling users to benefit from the lowest commissions in the staking industry, directly on their smartphones.

By simply placing XTZ (Tezos) and ATOM (Cosmos) to work on their TrustWallet mobile wallet app, users can now earn rewards effortlessly. The TrustWallet app is available on both Android and iOS.

To begin utilizing the new integration, users can either import or create a new wallet. With Trust Wallet’s integration of Moonpay, it is also possible to buy Tezos and Cosmos tokens directly inside the app.

Simply by navigating to the staking section and selecting “Stake Capital DAO” from the validators dropdown list, users will start receiving rewards directly in their wallet.


When delegating tokens to Stake Capital DAO via TrustWallet, users will additionally earn native SCT tokens — something that isn’t possible from any of the other validators listed on TrustWallet.

The SCT token provides holders with access to on-going cashback fee rewards, as well as governance rights over the Stake Capital DAO. This access to the additional SCT token makes Stake Capital DAO a unique choice when deciding which provider to delegate with via TrustWallet.

“From API integration to RPC and accounting, Stake Capital will bring its expertise to TrustWallet. This is a major step forward for large-scale adoption of decentralized staking services. At Stake Capital, we provide financial instruments designed to maximize returns on this new asset class. Our mission is to open up these financial opportunities in a permissionless fashion, embracing the ecosystem’s core values.”
– The Stake Capital Team

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