Germans can now earn crypto by converting their smartphones into secure IoT gateways

Nodle is backed by Blockchain Ventures, Blockchange, Bootstraplabs, Olymp Capital, Blockhead, Workplay Ventures (Mark Pincus of Zynga), and a group of angel investors...

Germans can now earn crypto by converting their smartphones into secure IoT gateways, an Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and security startup, has announced that it will be expanding its network in Germany. Nodle’s new app, Nodle Cash, which was recently made available on Google Play, allows individuals to earn cryptocurrency seamlessly through everyday activities such as walking, exploring their surroundings, and traveling along their regular commute.

The Nodle Cash app is able to pick up signals and move tiny bits of information from IoT connected devices in exchange for Nodle Cash. The more valuable the data, the more crypto is rewarded to the user. By crowdsourcing connectivity, the company has built what it has dubbed, The Citizen Network.

With smartphones, The Citizen Network proves to be a very simple, fast and efficient solution to deploy IoT connectivity across a city, or a whole country, without the need for heavy infrastructure investments.

 “The Power of Crowd Connectivity”

Nodle has also announced Nodle’s new Rende-Vouz Protocol – enabling the Nodle Network to act as a regular communication network, allowing communication to travel back and forth between two endpoints.

Rende-Vouz can act effectively as a secured channel, provide authentication and verification of the target device identity, and protect the confidentiality of the communication.

With approximately 50 billion IoT devices connected worldwide, Nodle offers industrial companies, consumer electronics manufacturers, and Smart Cities an eco-friendly software infrastructure at a substantially reduced cost compared with current solutions.

Most recently, Nodle announced its growing partnerships in Paris to implement smart city infrastructure and launched services in Brazil and Korea to expand The Citizen Network.

Nodle​ is a decentralized network provider specializing in detecting and connecting the Internet of Things (IoT). The Nodle Network is simple, dense (5m+ active nodes, 92M+ detected devices), global (70+ countries) and uses existing hardware.
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