Tolar and Telematch launch blockchain test infrastructure for Slovenia

Tolar HashNET, a 4th generation blockchain, in cooperation with Telemach, leading Slovenian telecommunications provider, today announced the launch of SIChain in Solvenia, making it one of the first countries to establish a blockchain test infrastructure. The official launch took place in Ljubljana on December 11th, 2019.

SIChain will enable the testing of existing and new blockchain applications for the public and private sector as Tadej Slapnik, director of HashNET Slovenia emphasized.

Minister for Economic development and technology Mr. Zdravko Počivalšek emphasized the importance of the impact of blockchain technology for economic development, efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of the Slovenian economy.

Mr. Zdravko Počivalšek, Minister for Economic development and technology, Slovenia


In 2018, the Ministry launched a call for demo/pilot projects funded from EU funds and 73 million EUR was allocated to projects planning the use of blockchain technology.

The findings from these projects will also help the Slovenian government to create regulatory solutions for specific industrial verticals using blockchain, with the introduction of smart contracts to Slovenian corporate law, and with the view to regulate digital entities and regulatory sandboxes for different fields of industry and public sector.


As one of the most active countries in blockchain technology, Slovenia shows evidence of the growth of the use of emerging — key enabling technologies. Slovenia has a high amount of high skilled IT professionals, therefore, the knowledge and the new markets boosted Slovenian blockchain visibility and recognition, as stated by Nena Dokuzov, responsible for blockchain technologies at the Ministry of economic development and technology.

Tomaž Kampuš, Member of Management Board at Telemach and Tadej Slapnik, Director of HashNET Slovenia

Tolar HashNET aims to become a favorable solution for enterprises and governments by providing a fast and secure public ledger built on top of the HashNET technology and to create an ecosystem of solutions and partners to use the technology to solve problems with existing systems or provide new functionality that was not available before.

Telemach is the leading telecommunications provider in Slovenia, focusing on advanced, high-quality and customer-centric services that make the entertainment and communications world easily accessible — at home or on the go and across all devices. With the highest quality customer care and constant investment in technological innovations, they provide the highest quality services to numerous private and business users in Slovenia.