Parity rolls out Substrate Builders Program to streamline developer ecosystem

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Parity rolls out Substrate builders program to streamline support ecosystem

Substrate, Parity’s platform for building blockchains, has now introduced a new resource for developers using their framework. The Substrate Builders Program will provide systematic access to support from Parity and intends to build a more interactive community.

Like many projects or protocols that have applications built on top of them, Substrate is incentivized to provide customer support to their clients. Initially, they helped developers on an individual basis, but they claim to need a new way to address questions and concerns.

“As the number of teams building with Substrate has grown, we realized that it has become challenging to accommodate everybody’s concerns, understand the builder ecosystem, and adequately support everyone.” – Parity

How Substrate Builders Program works

The Substrate Builders Program is broken down into four areas of support:

  1. Technical Support
  2. Community Support
  3. Funding Support
  4. Business Development Support

Technical Support is where the Parity team will help users during business hours. They do regular check-ins, and also offer chat support with other program members.

The Community Support feature hopes to build their social media community and help projects building with Substrate get connected to the press. A helpful community is necessary for these types of projects so they don’t have to bear an entire load of providing support.

Parity will also be able to link users to various fundraising and business development mechanisms through the Parity/Polkadot ecosystem and Web3 fundraising grants.

Who can use the Substrate support services?

Parity says that anyone who is building or has intentions to build on Substrate can be considered for acceptance into the program.

“The program aims to start with a limited set of projects, and will continually accept projects afterward on a rolling basis.” – Parity

Connecting to Polkadot is not required to be accepted for the support services, but “Does your project intend to connect to Polkadot?” is a necessary question to answer on their application.