Blockchain technology company Diginex joins Microsoft’s ScaleUp program

Diginex joins the ranks of the world’s leading technology startups who have met Microsoft’s vetting and selection criteria in order to participate in their ScaleUp program...

Blockchain company Diginex joins Microsoft’s ScaleUp program

Diginex, a blockchain financial services, and technology company, announced today it has been selected as part of the Microsoft ScaleUp program. This exclusive 2-year program is designed for high-growth companies to leverage Microsoft’s expertise, scale their businesses and further deliver enterprise value to their clients.

Graduates from the program will gain access to Microsoft’s internal technology expertise, software, infrastructure, dedicated support as well as an elite alumni and peer network. The program has also presented opportunities for startups to engage in joint sales and co-marketing efforts.

For Diginex, joining Microsoft ScaleUp will provide deep technical and business synergies between the two companies, enhancing security and efficiency to the existing platform and ultimately delivering value for clients.

“Less than 2% of companies that apply to our program get selected. Diginex clearly stood out from the crowd because of its focus on institutional-grade technology and tools for enterprise customers.”
– Annie Parker, Global Head of Microsoft for Startups

Diginex has built a secure, institutional-grade tool for businesses and organizations on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform called “Diginex Trust.” The tool is designed as a blockchain-enabled information provenance network that safely stores immutable records thus mitigating risks.

“We are thrilled about being a member of the Microsoft ScaleUp program and the clear vote of confidence in our technology and approach from one of the world’s largest technology companies. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership that will create an enhanced, robust platform of tools and provide the ultimate blockchain experience for our clients.”
– Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex

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