Komodo executes world’s first web browser-based atomic swap

Komodo, a blockchain development ecosystem working in atomic swap technology since 2014, today announced that it has conducted the world’s first web browser-based atomic swap and plans on expanding their decentralized exchange solution, AtomicDEX, to web browsers.

The atomic swap is a smart contract technology that allows users to trade digital assets without any third-party involvement. The initial atomic swap exchanged ETH for an ERC20 token.


AtomicDEX, the world’s first decentralized exchange for iOS and Android mobile devices, launched its public beta earlier this fall. Over the coming months, the Komodo team will roll outAtomicDEX support for all major operating systems and browsers. Users who wish to make trades using AtomicDEX will be able to do so by simply visiting a URL and logging into their account; there is no need to download an application.

Once a user visits the page, the AtomicDEX application will load into the browser and spin up a standalone p2p node. The application will be entirely client-side; no sensitive data or private keys will be transferred to a third party over the course of an exchange.

“While it’s common to hear industry participants throwing around the terms ‘DEX’ and ‘atomic swaps’ to describe their tech, most solutions on the market have been pure hype or have seriously compromised their stated commitments to decentralization. Komodo’s AtomicDEX is the undoubted industry leader, and we are fully prepared to back that statement up, full stop. We’ve been working on atomic swaps since 2014 and have even collaborated with their inventor, Tier Nolan. We’ve conducted over 100,000 swaps. And in the last four months, we’ve launched the first DEX for mobile phones, onboarded thousands of users, and executed the first web browser-based atomic swap. We’re on a mission to make it so that if you want to trade crypto without a middleman, you can do it by typing in a URL or pulling out your phone.”
– Komodo CTO Kadan Stadelmann

Recently, Komodo made news for opening the beta for the AtomicDEX, the world’s first mobile DEX, to the public for download on iOS and Android systems.

The app beta has already garnered over 3,500 downloads, and allows users to conduct peer-to-peer trades between multiple currencies, blockchains, and exchanges without any intermediary.

Through atomic swap technology, users are able to maintain full control over the private keys of their funds at all times, until the exact moment a trade occurs.

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