Zilliqa blockchain combines incubation programs; announces new grant winners

Zilliqa blockchain combines incubation programs as it announces new grant winners

Zilliqa, a next-generation blockchain platform, announced today it has decided to combine its ecosystem programs with other incubation projects — consolidating it into one master plan referred to as ZILHive.

ZILHive Grants is the key component of the new ZILHive. The USD $5 million ecosystem grant program has been operational for over a year since its launch in August 2018.

“As Zilliqa goes through a growth period as a whole, focusing on enterprise-adoption, it is important we consider the objectives of each project and make sure they are aligned with Zilliqa’s direction forward. This is why we have chosen to sync our different initiatives under the ZILHive brand umbrella. ZILHive will sync these different initiatives to cultivate a meaningful, resourceful environment for developers, entrepreneurs, students, investors, educators, and leaders. They will be able to together to pool and allocate resources in order to make Zilliqa the platform of choice to be built on.”
– The Zilliqa Team

Grant Winners: 5th Wave

Amid the consolidation, Zilliqa announced today the fifth wave of grantees within the ZILHive Grants Program. A few of the awarded projects are listed below, the full list can be viewed here.

Team: Teex
Track: Infrastructure
Awardee project name: Tora
Brief Description: A trusted Oracle and general Layer-2 solution that utilizes the Trusted Execution Environment provided by hardware enclaves like Intel SGX.

Team: ChainSecurity
Track: Infrastructure
Awardee project name: Automated Static Analysis Framework
Brief Description: An extensible static analysis framework for Scilla smart contracts, as well as a security scanner that is built on top of the framework, to identify generic security vulnerabilities in Scilla smart contracts.

Team: XanPool
Track: Infrastructure
Awardee project name: XanPool
Brief Description: A unique omnichannel solution to make fiat-to-ZIL on-boarding infrastructure much more user-friendly, and resilient.

Launch of 6th Wave

Finally, Zilliqa informed that applications are now being accepted for the 6th wave of grants. Looking ahead to 2020, Zilliqa’s ZILHive grant funding will prioritize open-source toolings for financial applications within the Infrastructure track and research projects aiming to tackle obstacles that are preventing financial inclusion to become a reality within the Research track.

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