Quant Network blockchain integrates Constellation for IoT interoperability

The new integration provides an end-to-end path from testing in closed environments to production-ready real-time digital systems...

Constellation Network, a San Francisco-based big data software and blockchain company, announced today they have integrated their secure communications protocol with Quant Network’s Overledger — an operating system that solves interoperability of blockchain protocols at scale. The Quant and Constellation partnership lays the foundation for a connected ecosystem for any business application and use cases looking to apply blockchain technology and cryptocurrency beyond a financial instrument.

“The third generation of blockchain technologies includes plug-in-play interfaces with functional operating systems, like the Quant Network, and robust developer solutions that meet the existing needs of data science. With nearly 28 billion devices coming online by 2022, that’s nearly 4 devices for every person that produces 1.7megs of data every second. The Quant and Constellation partnership introduces an end-to-end development ecosystem that accommodates a world of big data”.
– Benjamin Jorgensen, CEO, and Co-Founder of Constellation Network

Integration Benefits & Goals

The integration was explained in the recently released paper, “An Internet for Automation with IoT and Edge Devices” and outlines how Constellation and Quant will provide security for IoT and interoperability of data between systems and devices for use cases like Connected Cities.

Smart (or Connected) Cities can use IoT to develop and connect digital ecosystems. Benefits range from improved energy distribution and more efficient waste collection to connected cars and better air quality. Billions have been invested in the development of Smart Cities in recent years.

Yet progress has been limited due to insufficient solutions able to connect blockchain technologies. This new partnership aims to change this.

“Truly Connected Cities is an exciting prospect. and we’re delighted that this partnership with Constellation will make a significant contribution to accelerating their development. We live in a hyper-connected world which is only going to grow, together we’re laying the secure and interoperable foundations to make machine-to-machine communication and data a reality.”
– Gilbert Verdian, Founder and CEO Quant Network