Turkish Lira backed stablecoin platform BiLira soon to launch

Users must transfer a minimum of at least 100 TRY to begin using the platform...

BiLira, a stable cryptocurrency that is backed by the Turkish Lira (TRY), where users can always buy and redeem 1 BiLira (TRYB) for ₺1.00 Turkish Lira, is soon to launch.

Every BiLira is 100% collateralized by TRY and is custodied by the company’s banking partners, which include: Garanti, VakıfBank, Fibabanka, and Turkish Bank.

Anyone who passes a KYC/AML check can purchase and redeem BiLira. Users will be able to send the BiLira ERC-20 token to anyone in the world within minutes.

It is easy and secure to issue or redeem BiLira through the platform dashboard

How to Use

Steps to Purchase BiLira

  1. User wires funds to a custodian bank.
  2. Bank confirms the transaction and notifies BiLira.
  3. BiLira mints tokens and transfers to the recipient’s wallet.

Steps to Redeem BiLira

  1. The user sends tokens for redemption to an address provided by BiLira.
  2. Once BiLira receives the tokens, they are removed from the total supply.
  3. BiLira notifies the custodian bank to wire funds to the recipient’s bank account.
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