Morpheus takes blockchain development platform to Europe with S2Bconnected

Morpheus takes blockchain development platform to Europe with S2BConnected

Morpheus Labs, creators of a blockchain-platform-as-a-service (BPaaS) to ease DApp development, announced it has partnered with S2Bconnected, an information technology consultant based in Germany.

As part of the partnership, Morpheus Labs has welcomed Jana Bulkin as a new Business Development Partner to cover the DACH region.

Jana is the Managing Director of S2Bconnected and brings more than 20 years of intercultural experience across many European countries as well with US and Asia based companies with the main focus on software and IT.

Most of her achievements took place within the financial industry, where she took lead in several strategic initiatives within business transformation utilizing IT.

The BPaaS offers 5+ blockchain protocols: Multiple blockchains give development fallback options should one blockchain not satisfy a particular business need.

ALL-IN-ONE: Morpheus offers full-stack services such as storage, blockchain, CDE, Github, app library, and more on a single platform.