DAOBet gaming blockchain launches Beta version of ecosystem wallet

All users that registered before the mainnet was launched, already have an account in DAOWallet. All new users registering in DAOWallet, will also now gain an account in DAOBet...

DAOBet, the recently re-branded EOS-based blockchain platform for decentralized gaming, announced its ecosystem wallet DAOWallet has launched in Beta version.

The Beta release allows users to start using the recently launched DAOBet blockchain and conduct transfer transactions free of charge. DAOWallet also includes 2FA as part of its extensive security base.

The DAOGroup is building DAOBet as blockchain base-layer for ‘iGaming 3.0’ to facilitate transaction automation, along with verifiability and frictionless interactions between all industry participants from players, bankroll stakers to game developers and providers.

“By constantly updating the interface and heeding feedback, we are determined to make the DAOWallet interface convenient, aesthetically appealing and understandable for both novice and experienced users. Our team is looking to the future with confidence and is already preparing the next release of the DAOWallet, which will include new features, making it possible for users to stack funds in a new chain and will introduce the possibility of voting.”
– The DAOBet team

The full version of the wallet is still scheduled to be released before the end of this year.