Advanced Tezos blockchain explorer tezblock emerges to V1

The goal for tezblock is to provide an accessible and user-friendly block explorer...

tezblock, an advanced block explorer for the Tezos blockchain, an open-source platform for assets and applications backed by a global community of validators, researchers, and builders, has launched version 1 of its platform. Emerging from its MVP state, the block explorer was created by the team of AirGap, a project that enables users to turn their old smartphone into a “new” cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

“The initial version of the MVP that was announced and released back in August has evolved with a weekly pace. Many improvements and features were gradually added in that time span. Three weeks ago we took a step back and with the feedback we have gathered set out to bring the release of V1.”
– The tezblock Team

tezblock V1 Features

For baker accounts, the existing module has been improved and new tabs have been added. It now displays the currently active delegators and the number of rolls. It also shows the payout account, bakers can reach out to the tezblock team and link their baker to a payout account.

For past cycles, the rewards, baking, and endorsement rights have been added. In an upcoming release, this will also include future rights and rewards.

The rewards for each cycle can now be expanded and the payouts share of each individual account is visible. The whole table can also be filtered for a specific address.

Beyond the Tezos mainnet, tezblock also now supports Babylonnet and Carthagenet.

Under resources, users can find a list of wallets that support the Tezos protocol, anyone can help curate this list and recommend new wallets.

Also, now there are endorsement details for each block, showing the endorsed and empty slots.

Highlights of some of the performance improvements include:


The tezblock explorer still has room to grow with this release, the team says in no way is it complete and there are a lot of improvements to be be made in the near future including:

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