SimpleSwap crypto exchange launches native SWAP token to enhance community, an exchange app with more than 300 listed coins, recently announced the release of SimpleSwap Coin (SWAP), an internal currency for the service customers. It was launched and introduced to the SimpleSwap community on September 25th.

SWAP is designed to be used as a utility token for the SimpleSwap platform and to give a number of benefits to its holders, such as participation in a loyalty program.


SimpleSwap is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows customers to swap coins in an easy way. SimpleSwap supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and guarantees safe exchanges. The service is free to signup and provides limitless swaps at good rates. It is possible to make floating and fixed-rate exchanges and participate in the SimpleSwap Affiliate Program.

Airdrop and Bounty Program

SimpleSwap has also launched Bounty and Airdrop Campaigns to raise brand awareness and community involvement.

4,000,000 tokens are allocated to the Airdrop Campaign. Making any exchange on customers will receive a certain amount of SWAP. Each week SWAP will be sent to ETH address that was entered during the exchange process.

4,000,000 tokens will be distributed between Bounty Campaign participants. Participants can earn SWAP doing simple tasks on social media or taking part in Content and Bug Bounty.

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Loyalty Program

SimpleSwap Coin will serve as Loyalty Program and will give benefits for holders, such as cashback on exchanges, voting for currency listings, affiliate and bounty rewards, dedicated support and more features to come.

Accumulating a certain amount of SWAP in the personal account customers will receive a cashback for each exchange made on

In November 2019 SimpleSwap Coin will be listed on the major exchanges and will be available for trading.

SWAP will not be on crowdsale, yet it will be available for purchase for professional investors. A private sale is available to individuals and companies.

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