Pooled validator node service for Stellar (XLM) Public Node now live

Eventually, Public Node wants to have more full validator nodes than any other single entity powering the Stellar network...

Pooled validator node service for Stellar (XLM) Public Node now live

Public Node, a community initiative that provides a low-cost way to support the Stellar network through memberships that pool resources to pay for the cost of running full validator nodes, has announced its launch.

The first public node is already up and running and goes by the name of Boötes. Those interested can subscribe to four different membership plans or make one-time contributions.

“For some time now, the community has been talking about pooling resources to overcome the financial barrier of running a full validator node so that we too can help strengthen the Stellar network. Meridian turned out to be the catalyst that got enough of us together to figure out a way to do it. In other words, Public Node is undoubtedly the result of putting a bunch of Lumenauts in a single location.”
– The Public Node Team

In addition to helping decentralize and strengthen the Stellar network, Public Node members can help decide how its nodes will vote on proposed protocol changes. This is implemented through a private Keybase channel with a simple majority rule “yes” or “no” vote setup.

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