hosting Stacks (STX) token airdrop for Blockstack

The Stacks (STX) airdrop will go out to users before February 2020..., a crypto and blockchain service company, announced a few weeks ago a new partnership with Blockstack to integrate their Stacks (STX) token into its products including the Blockchain Wallet, Blockchain Explorer, Blockchain Markets and new crypto exchange, The PIT.

To commence the partnership, the team confirmed today that Stacks (STX) will be the second token in its airdrop program. Qualified Blockchain Wallet users will receive the STX airdrop before February 2020.


Founded in 2013, Blockstack’s decentralized computing network and app ecosystem have attracted hundreds of independent developer teams to create apps that put users in control of their data. These apps offer private, secure alternatives to large tech companies. There are currently over 300 applications on the Blockstack network.

“Blockstack has methodically built the foundation for a new internet where users are in control of their data and identity. We look forward to not only expanding the number of Stacks holders, but also on-boarding them into an ecosystem of apps that puts the sanctity of their data first.”
– Peter Smith, CEO and Co-founder

Earlier this year, Blockstack became the first SEC-qualified token offering in the United States, raising over $23M.

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