venture capital arm invests in blockchain game developer Biscuit

EOS VC, the venture capital arm of high-performance blockchain software company, announced today a new investment in blockchain games developer Biscuit.

Biscuit is the creator of EOS Knights, the popular mobile game was the first to run on the EOS public blockchain.

“Our direct investment in Biscuit extends our strategic focus of working with some of the smartest minds in the gaming blockchain secto. Biscuit has taken the powerful qualities of blockchain’s smart contract and combined it with the traditional Role Playing Game elements to produce one of the best-loved gaming apps on the market.”
– Mike Alexander, CEO of EOS VC

EOS Knight benefits from the EOSIO platform’s fast response speed, the high number of transactions per second, and robust smart contract development.

“ has closely supported us in the successful development and operation of EOS Knights from the very start. This new investment from’s venture arm EOS VC confirms our strong continuing partnership and underscores our belief that gaming dApps like EOS Knights are catalysts for the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.”
– Jay Lee, founder of Biscuit

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