Data platform Chainbeat integrates RSK Bitcoin smart contracts

RSK and RIF platforms provide a framework for web 3.0 infrastructure, while Chainbeat provides real-time usage and behavioral metrics that can help drive the adoption and growth of web 3.0 apps...

Data platform Chainbeat integrates RSK bitcoin smart contracts

Chainbeat, a platform providing real-time analytics for blockchain smart contracts, today announced it has integrated RSK, the first open-source smart contract platform powered by the Bitcoin network. Chainbeat analytics offer blockchain data insights that help understand usage and behavioral metrics for smart contracts.

Starting today, all smart contracts deployed in the RSK network can now sign up and access all the advanced analytics and insights features offered by the Chainbeat platform.

Features of the integration with RSK:

”We are very excited about the partnership with Chainbeat. The integration will provide our ecosystem with new tools to understand smart contract usage and adoption.”
Alejandro Banzas, RSK Developer Network Lead

Chainbeat insights for RIF running on RSK