Gorilla Funds aims to launch gateway for managing crypto funds on Melon

Gorilla Funds is a new project created and developed by Jakob Sievers, which aims to make investing and redeeming in Melon Funds as easy as possible. Melon is a blockchain asset management protocol.

The idea behind Gorilla Funds is:

Through this presentation, any potential investor can simply look through the information and decide which Melon fund interests them. To provide this information all the fund manager has to do is manage their
fund page on the Gorilla Funds website.

“I am building Gorilla Funds because I’m a DeFi-maximalist. I’ve been following the evolution of the Melon Protocol since the beginning and am personally convinced that the success of this protocol is inevitable. When the Kyber DeFi Hackathon came along I couldn’t help but get involved and try to build something. I’m really delighted to be a winner in the Melon Best Use Case category.”
– Jakob Sievers, creator of Gorilla Funds

Model Overview with Gorilla Funds

The protocol to enable managers to set up crypto funds is the Melon protocol, and the software to interact with the funds is the Avantgarde-UI. While Gorilla Funds acts as a filter to show investors relevant information and for managers to show to their customers.

Each of these functions will need to be integrated, which can then be neatly displayed on websites. Over the next few weeks, Jakob plans to publish the first fully functional and tested version of Gorilla Funds.

To check out and test functionalities of Gorilla Funds, visit the current demo site.