StyloPay integrates Tribe’s crypto wallet for its cloud payments platform

StyloPay is the latest payment platform to integrate Tribe Payments’ digital wallet technology that holds, manages and transfers both fiat and crypto funds...

StyloPay, specialists in payment solutions and mobile applications, announced today it has selected Tribe Payments’ digital wallet technology for integration on its platform.

Tribe’s digital wallet technology will form part of StyloPay’s cloud-based payments-as-a-service offering that enables banks and card issuers to scale card programs and mobile wallets globally.

With StyloPay, financial institutions, issuers and wallet service providers to set up their own payment offerings at low cost and risk. E-wallet, IBAN, card programs, wearables, mobile wallets, and card personalization services are all available from StyloPay’s platform.


StyloPay builds customized solutions for specific vertical markets such as hospitality, retail and educational sectors delivered via industry-specific APIs.

The global breadth and vertical depth of StyloPay’s offering, with the need to customize services to specific markets, made finding a digital wallet product that met its needs problematic. In particular, StyloPay’s clients necessitated a wallet solution that can handle both fiat and cryptocurrencies as well as an array of alternative payment methods.

“We want to work with ambitious clients that have new and seeming insurmountable payment challenges that need to be solved on a global basis. This is what we built Tribe for. It has been a privilege working with StyloPay’s team of payment pioneers to create a digital wallet proposition that truly pushes the boundaries of banking.”
– Alex Reddish, Chief Commercial Officer of Tribe Payments

Tribe Wallet

Built by payment experts with vast experience working with leading fintechs globally, Tribe’s white-labeled digital wallet provides end-users full control over their spending. It offers crypto support for BTC, LTC, ETH, and XRP.

The product provides:

Critically, the digital wallet can be launched in weeks, with the ability to quickly and simply add additional functionality as required. This is enabled by Tribe’s modular platform which delivers containerized micro-services.

This stops the ‘Jenga-effect’ – where one change can have unwelcomed consequences across other services, even leading to catastrophic failures. Tribe’s platform ensures all programming code is isolated, minimizing risk whether you’re adding a new service or just tweaking functionality.

“Our clients are demanding, which means we need to be demanding of the technology that we use. Services need to work globally and to international standards but be tailored to the specific needs of industry sectors. Tribe was able to meet these demands and more. The breadth of capability and time-to-market are truly industry-leading and we look forward to debuting our new digital wallet offering to our clients.”
– Avishek Singh, CEO of StyloPay

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