Sarson Funds partners with Vertalo for cap table management and tokenization

Vertalo, a provider of software for digital assets, connecting broker-dealers, issuers, custodians and exchanges through its B2B SaaS platform, today announced a new partnership with Sarson Funds, a provider of cryptocurrency educational services and investment vehicles designed for the financial advisor community and their clients.

Under the new partnership, Vertalo will provide cap table management software, as well as optional tokenization, highlighting the flexibility of its platform. Vertalo can engage at any stage in an offering process, including post-close, whether they are raising a security token or a traditional Reg A, CF, S, or D offering.

Sarson Funds + Vertalo

Sarson Funds presents a particularly interesting use case, pairing a traditional RegD offering with a subsequent RegCF, both of which may be tokenized at a later date. Leveraging the capabilities of a partner like Vertalo provides the operational flexibility to support a hybridized strategy across an entire business lifecycle.

Vertalo Co-Founder and CEO, Dave Hendricks, and his team have been working with Sarson Funds to demonstrate practical applications of distributed ledger technology, direct digital share ownership, and open finance theory to attract a broader set of market participants.

“The team at Sarson Funds is aligned with Vertalo’s vision to provide tools and technologies that broaden access to financial markets beyond sophisticated accredited investors. One of the best ways to do this is by supporting funds that educate their investors by using cutting-edge ownership platforms like Vertalo. In simplifying the digital asset ownership experience by using keyless custodial wallets and connecting shareholders directly to modern secondary trading venues like the Openfinance ATS, Vertalo’s technology helps to educate investors about the benefits of distributed ledger technology. We are honored that Sarson Funds has chosen us to join them on their mission.”
– Vertalo Co-Founder and CEO, Dave Hendricks

The partnership between Vertalo and Sarson Funds illustrates the current trend toward digital asset tokenization. With barriers to entry becoming less difficult, because of emerging technologies like Vertalo, more and more traditional investment funds and institutionally focused investment products could reap the benefits of digitized assets for themselves and their investors.

“Vertalo is a clear leader in the race to digitize assets. Dave and his team understand the ways we want to use blockchain to grow our company while also improving services and liquidity for our shareholders. The team at Vertalo does the things that our attorneys don’t know how to do.”
– John Sarson, Managing Partner, and CIO at Sarson Funds

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