Utrust unveils new cryptocurrency wallet and payment app

Utrust unveils new crypto payment wallet app

Utrust, a crypto payment service platform, unveiled today its new wallet application. With the Utrust Wallet, users can not only store and send their cryptocurrency, but they can also purchase real-world goods, products, and services.

Built within the wallet app is the Utrust payment widget for processing transactions within the platform instantly, reducing blockchain validation waiting times.


“We are building something at Utrust, and the Wallet will make you a part of it. We have a growing gallery of merchants, elite businesses that we are proud to work with, and you’ll have access to unique deals and special opportunities available to no one else. New features are coming to the Wallet in 2020, and we are starting with cashback and staking. Along with adding more cryptocurrencies like Digibyte and Dash for a seamless and borderless experience.”
– The Utrust Team

To learn more see the wallet specs for Android and iOS.

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